2020 – New Blog Changes

Good Day,

This year has been one of changes and I sincerely hope everyone continues to be safe and healthy during such a time as this. Many of you know me because you have been following this blog for quite some time. For those that don’t I began blogging about 7 years ago and this has grown into a labor of love that has been my pleasure to provide you the reader unique reading that I consider unique.  However, the time has come for a major change and its something I thought about for a long time.  The reality is this blog requires numerous man-hours for every post that is produced.  When you break it down there is research into different areas costs money and every year the price goes up.  So in order to continue to provide the quality you look for the road, I took is to become a Patreon.

The blog can continue to exist and flourish and I can add a different level and that is exclusivity. While social media and websites provide content that is of a similar nature, My approach will be to offer monthly Q & A sessions, videos, and exclusive content that I have held back and kept for just such a purpose as this.

It has been said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and there are many out there. But it is my hope that I can create a platform that is not duplicated.  So if your a fan of my blog and would like to help support something that is original content and worthwhile. Please help support me at:


“My advice to would-be sheiks is this: Be original. Don’t be a second to anyone”. Rudolph Valentino


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