Dec 2020 – This month on Patreon Q/A with “YouTube Vlogger Daze with Jordan the Lion”

On 2 Aug 2018, I did an initial Q/A with vlogger Jordan Lee, who has a YouTube Channel “Daze with Jordan the Lion”.   In two years since both his audience and popularity have grown considerably to 167,000 subscribers.  Jordan produces some amazing vlogs on a variety of different subjects. This vlogger is very meticulous with his subject research and takes his time to carefully plan each vlog.  This is a true testimony to how dedicated he is and I predict his channel will continue to grow.

Recently Jordan was vlogging in my home state and it was my privilege to have a brief meet-up with him while he was filming for an upcoming vlog. Well in this particular vlog to be posted sometime during this month, where you will see me briefly appear towards the end where we posed for pictures and have a quick chat.  Jordan graciously agreed to a follow-on interview with even more questions.

Exclusive this month on Patreon, will be pictures of me and Jordan and his second follow-on interview.  So, if you wish to become a supporter to this blog and view exclusive content here is the link below.


I wish you all a Happy and Safe Holiday season. I appreciate you all.


Dr. Chris R.

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