1923 – NY Editor Gossip

The Valentinos have been in New York for a few days this month. We have lunched with Mrs. Valentino and heard the most interesting things about their Dancing Tour. The crowds have been tremendous more so in fact, that she has been forced to go thru into the theaters ahead of Rudy.  Attempting to enter the theater with him, she has had her clothes torn. He later goes thru the crowd with an erstwhile football player on either side of him.  A veritable center-rush.  Because they played small towns many one-night stands they enjoyed the luxury of a private car and Mrs. Valetnino says it amazed her how people in the little towns and hamlets they pssed thru knew when their train was due. The train stations would be crowded and the cheers alwys brought Signor Valentino out on the observation platform. One night her aunt who travelled with them return to the track where their car was and found young girls balanced on top of soap boxes, peeping thru the windows.  Such popularity must often be difficult to bear.  The shads of their car had to be pulled down all the time unless they desired an audience. Even breakfast has to be eaten by electric light. There are many times when gold fish have more privacy than motion picture stars.  Mrs. Valentino is incidently one of the most beautiful women we have ever seen. Her face is pale and her lips are painted scarlet. Her hair is braided and coiled silkly over her ears.  This day she wore a severly tailed dress of a rough gray and black with a smart black turban. Unusual and striking in appearance.

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