18 Feb 2023 – 27th ADG Awards, Los Angeles, CA

On 18 Feb, I virtually attended the 27th annual ADG Awards, Los Angeles, CA. The highlight of the evenings award event was the induction of artistic production designer Natacha Rambova into the ADG Hall of Fame. It’s not everyday, one sees an image or career highlights of a prominent artistic professional of the silent film era on the modern screen. I wonder how many in the audience, know of who she is or understand the importance of her contribution to the movie industry. The President of the ADG talked about the importance of Art Designers and were the heart of the movie making process. He indicated by inducting Natacha into the Hall of Fame her legacy of work will be celebrated and continue to inspire for years to come. When it came time, there was a montage of her life’s work on the screen and there was NO applause from the audience. That’s right, no one in the audience understood or had a clue of who she was or what was the silent film era. Why are audience members there who work in the industry who have no of the early history. It’s this authors opinion, Natacha Rambova finally received the official recognition she deserved. However, I was disappointed by the apparent lack of empathy by audience members towards acknowledging Natacha.

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