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Mar 1922 – Alimony Thy Name is Rodolph

So, after all, Rodolph Valentino is going to have to pay alimony to his former wife, Jean Acker, from whom he was recently divorced.  Jean Acker who it was known was never going to remain married to Rodolph but use him as a stepping stone to even more fame is now claiming she is heartbroken and is getting money for what? So the amount is a modest sum of $175 a month, on which Miss Acker admits that she can live. Miss Acker has recently been very ill, and the physicians attending her say she will not be able to return to the screen for six months or a year.  So the judge who granted the divorceddecided that she should have money form Valentino to support her until she was able to go to work.  According to sources, she is quite destitute and being still in a weak condition, she would find it hard sledding were her former husband not able to provide for her.

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1 Oct 1922 – Rodolph Valentino Has One Pet Peeve

Although Rodolph Valentino, the handsome young actor who is appearing with Mae Murray In her starring vehicle. “The Delicious Little Devil,” at the State theater in the near future. Valentino was born in Taranto, Italy and he seldom displays that fiery temper which is accepted as characteristic of the Italian rare. But there is one sure way to rouse his ire, and that is by spelling his first name Rudolph instead of Rodolph. Valentino is the son of a captain In the Italian army, and he was himself attached to Italian flying corps, conducting experiments In hazardous air stunts at Mineola, and he naturally dislikes the Teutonic spelling of his given name. Valentino began his public career as an automobile racer in Italy, winning second honors in a race between Naples and Rome in 1908, at the age of sixteen. His first stage appearance in America was as a dancer in New York, and for two years he toured the country as Joan Sawyer’s dancing partner. He sang and danced in musical comedy for a season and rounded out his stage career by a veer with the Alcazar Stock Company in San Francisco. Universal Studio gave him his first opportunity in pictures. As the lover of Mae Murray in this picture he has one of the best roles of his screen career.

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