1897-1966 Natacha Rambova, Rudolph Valentino’s Second Wife



This blog owner has been fascinated for years with the woman named Natacha Rambova who lived her life on her own terms.  There will be many more posts on her as we continue the journey of “All About Rudolph Valentino.

Natacha Rambova lived in a time where women were still suppressed and misunderstood. Unless you personally knew her how could you possible understand what made her think or feel?  The Internet has a lot of other websites and blogs about both her and her former husband Rudolph Valentino with some written in glowing terms about him and a lot in not so glowing terms about her.  In 1991, Mr Michael Morris wrote a wonderful book about Natacha called “Madame Valentino”.  For those that are reading this post and have not read his book, I would highly recommend doing so in order to have an understanding of the complexity that makes up this fascinating woman.  Natacha Rambova a highly educated woman was first and foremost an artist who explored every artistic venue made available. This exploration was achieved through the study of ballet, costume design, mythology, contemporary culture, etc.  As an artist Natacha wanted others to understand and appreciate the beauty of design whether it was as a costume or a set designer.  Natacha was a perfectionist in everything she produced and the results were nothing less than fantastic.  Art Deco and Oriental were the major factors in her designs and what she wore.


Although the 1920’s were considered a time where it was off with the old and on with the new modern ways and thinking.  This was not necessarily true in everything. Women were still fighting for their rights and freedom they were still very much in the background. For someone like Natacha Rambova with her demanding personality and strong opinions this worked for her and against her.  This was especially the case in her personal life,  where her husband Rudolph Valentino was very much a traditionalist who liked nothing better than to come home from a hard day at the studio to be greeted by his wife and children and a home cooked meal.  Natacha Rambova was a career woman who did not want a traditional role in a man’s life but one of an equal role.  This is why I wrote earlier about her being born in the wrong time.


Natacha never achieved any sense of personal fulfillment in her personal life.  But her professional life was one of achievement and influence which was achieved in various ways. One of them was a patent she received in 1926 through her design for a doll and matching coverlet, clothing designer, artist, researcher and writer on Islamic Art.  Natacha was a very private person who did not feel comfortable sharing her world with others. While the rest of us may never understand what made her think and feel she was still a force to be reckoned with and you cannot deny the legacy she left for others to explore.

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