1921 – Silent Film Actress Claire Windsor talks about her one and only date with Rudolph Valentino


Silent Film Actress Claire Windsor gave an audio interview in which, she talked about a time where she had a date with a little known actor.

The year was 1921; and both were extras in the film industry. One night, Claire Windsor and her escort had a date for dinner and dancing at a popular night spot called the Running Country Club in Los Angeles. During that time period, this was where the rich and famous liked to dine. During the course of the evening, she made eye contact with a very dreamy handsome man whose name was Rudolph Valentino. Rudolph Valentino was on the dance floor dancing with an older woman while she was dining with her dinner date and yet he continued to maintain eye contact with her throughout his dance. Rudolph asked Claire out for a date. So for their date, they travelled by street car to a hotel restaurant downtown where they had dinner and went dancing. Claire noted he was a very good dancer. Rudolph evidently did not have enough money so they walked all the way to his place where they went to see his ‘etchings’. He lived in a one room apartment where they had to walk down 4 flights of stairs to get to. He must have thought she was not ignorant of what he meant by this invitation. Once they arrived he proceeded to chased her around the apartment which ended with her crying and asking for him to take her home in which he did. To listen to this great the link is referenced below in the source



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