30 Nov 1924 – Valentino and Close-Ups

No one of the stars want to be stars anymore. They all want to be producers and it doesn’t seem to bother them in the least whether they submerge their personalities to some extent, so long as the resulting feature is enticing to the public. Now it appears that Rudolph Valentino is also wanting to become a producer through his independent efforts. Valentino said that his purpose above all, under his new contract, would be to make pictures that will be outstanding as pictures. All the details of actual production will come under the supervision of his wife Natacha Rambova and he is making the choice of the members of the cast and is going to get the very best talent available. Furthermore, he plans to develop new talent, or at the least new phase of the personalities of established favorites. Notably he is using Nita Naldi heretofore the vamp as a heroine. Valentino’s experience with “Monsieur Beaucaire” is a case in point. “When they first showed my wife this picture at the studio, it was overburdened with close-ups of myself,” he said. “My wife insisted on the removal of dozens of them. “Somebody concerned in the cutting and directing, remarked to her that he hardly thought this course would be satisfactory to me, but she quickly informed him that despite any beliefs to the contrary, unnecessary close-ups were not my idea of starring.” Which should settle for a time at least, these rumors that Valentino is intent on acquiring as much footage as possible when he is appearing in a picture

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