2 Aug 1925 – Valentino is Heard by High School Students

Recent dispatches from Los Angeles tell of Rudolph Valentino having addressed 5000 Hollywood High School students at a gathering in Memorial Auditorium where he talked to them on the ethics of scholastic sports. The address was loudly applauded by the boys as well as the girls. The celebrated screen star also introduced to the students Federico Beltram-Masses noted Spanish painter who declared the greeting of the students had touched him more deeply than any other he had received in this country. Valentino translated the words of Beltram-Masses as the great artist English is not fluent. Beltram-Masses appeared with a deep gash on his forehead revealing him and Rudolph had been in an automobile accident which might have been serious as they were returning from San Francisco. The car struck a gulley and careened. The star was shaken severely but little hurt.

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One thought on “2 Aug 1925 – Valentino is Heard by High School Students

  1. May this be why Hollywood High athletic teams are known as the “Sheiks”? (For a while, I think the girls’ teams were called the “Shebas,” but I’m not sure that still applies.)

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