1924 – Rudolph Valentino Camera Buff

Rudolph Valentino was a noted collector of many fine and expensive things. He was a car connoisseur, a fashion icon and a keen photographer. Rudolph Valentino owned several cameras: a French Gaumont, German Goerz Tenax Camera, an Eastman Professional Home Portrait Graflex and a 35mm Parvo Debrie Model L Camera. He was photographed several times with his Parvo Debrie Camera with a bayonet lens mount. This camera was considered a very modern camera manually driven with a shutter speed of 240 frames per second. At the time of this camera’s development Andre Debrie was with Pathe Studios when he built his professional camera. The Parvo Debrie was the first camera embodying direct focusing on film. Also, it was considered the only camera in the world that provided three different direct focusing systems. This camera had a removable lens with an aluminum body

In 1924, here he is photographed on the set of his movie “The Sainted Devil using a 35 mm Parvo Debrie Model L Camera.


Rudolph Valentino’s Parvo Debrie Camera was number 633 in the Estate Catalog with a price tag of $850. This camera is still highly desirable to collectors and rare to find in today’s market with an auction price of $2,000.00 and up.


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