1923 My Day Dreams and Rudolph Valentino

CaptureIn 1923, through Rudolph’s close friend and business manager George Ullman, he wrote a book of poetry called “Day Dreams”.  Rudolph Valentino did not claim to write this book. Although he did note through mediums and inspired by the people whose initials appear under each title is how this precious book came to be.  In the books preface he writes “Just dreams Day Dreams a bit of romance, a bit of sentimentalism, a bit of philosophy, not studied but acquired by constant observation of the greatest of all masters Nature! I took to dreams to forget the tediousness of worldly strife and the boredom of jurisprudence’s pedantic etiquette.” This book has special meaning to me.

Rudolph Valentino through his gift of authorship and his presence on the screen gave the world what it badly needed was a dose of old fashion romance.  Romance that escape from reality where a woman has a place that she can escape to.  Day dreams where a dream can be what she wants it to be one of romance, fun, and frivolity. There is a quote Rudolph Valentino said about himself and daydreams. “Women are not in love with me but with the picture of me on the screen. I am merely the canvas upon which the women paint their dreams.”  In every magazine article, in every movie was a love story to eagerly see. Where the man gets the girl and they all live happily ever after.  In his last movie, “The Son of the Sheik” I remember one line which makes me smile “Why fear me dearest? Love such as mine can do no harm”.

After all these years, in my dreams I can make you mine. In reality, you yearned for love. In my dreams, I gave you love, and made all of your inner desires come true.  I thought I would include a poem from Rudolph Valentino’s book “Day Dreams” which true symbolizes how I feel.

Day Dreams (To The Friend)

Yesterday – in contemplation

We dreamed of love to be,

And in the dreaming, Wove

a tapestry of Love.

Today – We dream our dream

Awake: Realization

Coloring our Romance with all

the glory of a flaming rose.

Tomorrow – What awakening lies

before us: Our tapestry in shreds

perchance. Or mellowed – glorified

By loves reflection? I wonder –

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