Jun 1929 – My Private Diary Rudolph Valentino


In 1929, the Occult Publishing Company, Chicago published a book titled “My Private Diary – Rudolph Valentino” with the backing of the Chicago Valentino Memorial Club.  Initially this was serialized in articles titled “My Trip Abroad” featured in Movie Weekly magazine before it was published in book form. This book details Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova’s travels back to Europe in 1923.  Rudolph Valentino while touring through Europe kept a diary which he faithfully recorded his thoughts. Rudolph Valentino lived the American dream and he wanted to go back to show those that had doubts about him that he truly made it.  He writes “My Dream is coming true! From day to day, night to night, here and there, I am going to write down my impressions. I am going to put down on paper the things I think, the things I do, the people I meet, all of the sensations, pleasurable and profitable that are mine. I shall never go home, I said to myself, until I can go home somebody”…

Rudolph Valentino did go home again and again. This book was one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It gave me further insight to his thoughts and feelings. Time after time it still proves that he still has fans that still are that.

There is one line in this book which caught my attention and that was in the introduction by Michael Romano “and this thou perceives to make thy love more strong. To love that well which thou must leave ‘ere long”…

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