1925 – Ghosts of Christmas Past


The Christmas holidays in the 1920’s were all about fun, friends, and family with none of the commercialism that exists today. Rudolph Valentino may have had his share of memorable Christmas’s but his last one on this earth was not spent with the one he truly wanted to be with and that was his wife Natacha Rambova who was in the process of divorcing him.


23 November 1925, Rudolph Valentino arrived in London to promote and attend the premiere of his movie “The Eagle” at the Marble Arch Pavilion.  During his time in the city he stayed at the Hyde Park Hotel.  Rudy’s last Christmas on earth was spent with the people that mattered most to him and that was with his sister Maria, Brother Alberto and his family. This was the first time in many years that the family was together. Brother Alberto was able to view firsthand the adoring crowds where people stopped traffic just for a glimpse of his famous brother. Although time spent together was special for the Guglielmi family Rudy sat down and as a family their futures were discussed. Dec 31st, Rudy traveled to Monte Carlo and spent New Year’s Eve with Mae Murray and good friend Manual Reachi, husband of former co-star Agnes Ayres.  Rudolph Valentino celebrated the holidays as only he knew how. As the clock struck midnight and 1926 arrived Rudolph Valentino was still dealing with the ghosts of his Christmas past.

“Why sing of Joy if Joy is to be unheard. Why sing of Faith if Faith is to be barred. For all that is good is Forever alive, and all that is bad is dead before it is born”.

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