4 Jan 1925 – Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson better known perhaps as the man, who talked Rudolph Valentino into shaving off his once famous beard, writes the News Reel a letter which we think is new enough and funny enough to print. Writes Mr. Jackson: “If I had to work as hard as Valentino works, I’d quit right away quick. He gets up at 5’oclock in the morning and is in the studio at 6, and then rides horseback for an hour or so. (This is in preparation for “The Scarlet Power,” which he will make, following Cobra, and in which he will have to fight on horseback with broadswords). After his ride, he works out with his trainer. He’s at the studio every night till about 7:30. It’s an easy life! “If he doesn’t get a great picture in Cobra it won’t be because he isn’t putting everything into it. Incidentally, it’s been kinda cold out here in sunny California for the last week, but don’t mention this to anybody, for the Chamber of Commerce would ex-communicate me for telling”. “Incidentally again, Cobra isn’t a snake picture. When I wrote to that Prince of good fellows Rupert Hughes and asked him to serve on the committee with Valentino in taking the poll for the First Annual Award of the Valentino Medal for Screen Acting, he replied: Dear Joe, You may use my name in any way that will not damage your cause. You can hardly damage the name. Affectionately, Rupert Hughes”.

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