August 2015

The month of August will be dedicated to the passing of Rudolph Valentino.

Our month is going to start off with a series of articles that have to do with an imposter who portrayed himself as a friend/personal physician of Rudolph Valentino at the time of his death. The articles are going to start from 1910 and onward to show how this person used deception as an advantage to fool Rudolph Valentino, Pola Negri, Douglas Fairbanks, Norma Talmadge, George Ullman, Presidents, Princesses and more. Also, there will be articles from the various annual memorial services held over the years, and in memoriums dedicated to Valentino from his fans that were posted in their local newspapers from 1926 and on.

Later on in the month, I will be back in Los Angeles to attend the Valentino Memorial Service and write about my personal experience while there. I am thrilled to be going again because last years service was very moving and I was able to meet some truly wonderful people who I have the hope and privilege of seeing during my time back west.

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One thought on “August 2015

  1. Tracy

    Chris, I look forward to having you join us again, this time for the 88th Valentino Memorial

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