18 Oct 1926 – Weinberg Imposter Sued on Forgery Charge

Posed as a personal friend at Valentino funeral is now mixed up in a civil suit involving a charge of forgery. Weinberg could not be located this morning. His wife answered the telephone, stated that she did not know where he was, and that he had told her nothing about his latest escapade. Weinberg, who passes as “Dr. Sterling C. Wyman” and lives at 556 Crown Street, Brooklyn, was served with a restraining order as he entered his home Thursday night. The papers restrain him from assigning to anyone a $10,000 mortgage on the beautiful $50,000 home of Mrs. Pierre Roos at New Rochelle. Mrs. Roos through her attorneys, Butchers, Tanner & Foster, asserts that she never signed Weinberg’s mortgage. She signed an application for a mortgage, according to her attorneys. But an actual mortgage bearing her signature was recorded at 9:00 a.m. on 23 July. Last at the Westchester County Clerk’s office, according to the attorneys. Two hours later a mortgage of $20,000 on the same property was recorded by Butcher, Tanner & Foster with the same clerk. The restraining order that was served on Weinberg on Thursday was granted by Justice Morschauser of the Worchester Supreme Court on Wednesday last. The injunction hearing is scheduled for 22 Oct in the Westchester Supreme Court.

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