22 Sep 1926 The Envy of All

Brooklyn Eagle Reporter Grace Cutler had a hand in uncovering the pointless fraud perpetrated as an incident of the hysterical funeral of Rudolph Valentino, silent film star idol of decades ago. She had been there at the funeral herself and saw the strangely worshipful crowds that passed the movie hero’s beir, wrote all the details. When thereafter a statement was given out to the newspapers which they solemnly accepted at face value by Dr. Sterling C. Wyman, the late Valentino’s “supposed” physician she became suspicious. She recalled no Brooklyn doctor in connection with the funeral. She ran down Dr. Wyman in person and presently drew from him the pertinent facts that he was an imposter going by the names of Wyman, Weinberg and others. Already he had duped President Harding with a meeting between him and Princess Fatimah, Afghanistan. In the Valentino conscious era, the story she wrote was a “clean” report that was the envy of every star reporter the dominant sex envied.

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