24 Mar 1928 – Male Movie Stars more fussy about hair

A woman is fundamentally the same, whether she is a movie star or a Park Ave society bud the happiest moment in her life is when her hair turns out just right. But that does not mean that women have a corner in the personal vanity market. NO woman in the world could be more fussy about their hair than a male movie star. These are the deductions of an expert, Ferdinand Joseph Graf, for three years, the official hairdresser to moviedom who is now at Arnold Constables. Mr. Grafs first job with Famous Players was to prepare the wigs for Valentino in “Monsieur Beaucaire”. Natacha Rambova the stars wife, brought him out to the studio from the 5th Ave beauty parlor she patronized for that purpose. He liked the work so well and the stars apparently liked him so he well became the official hairdresser at the studio for three years.

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2 thoughts on “24 Mar 1928 – Male Movie Stars more fussy about hair

  1. Regarding the Ghost portrait…..I have a copy painted for Ferike Boros a character actress of the period by Ivan Dujan. It is a nice painting and was signed in the upper right Ivan Dujan. During a professional restoration the signature was lost but I have a pre-restoration photo that shows it.

    • Paul White

      Last year I had to have some more repairs done to the painting and had the restorer put the signature of Ivan Dujan back in the upper right corner. I have attached 3 photos one of the painting one of Ms Boros and one of Mr. Dujan with the original. 

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