20 Oct 1934 – Millionaire’s Daughter Marriage to a Nobleman

Natacha Rambova, the beautiful second wife of the late Rudolph Valentino, has been secretly married to Don Alcaro Urvarz, a Spanish nobleman. The wedding took place at Palma, Majorca, The couple have bought a villa at Palma, overlooking the sea, where they intend to live. Mrs. Valentino is stated to have made a fortune in property speculation in Majorca. According to their friends, the couple were secretly married by the civil authorities in Paris some time previously. In deference to the wishes of the bridegroom’s family, a Roman Catholic religious marriage ceremony followed at the’ Church of San Francisco, in Palma. The bride is not a Roman Catholic. She agreed to the religious marriage to please Don Alcaro’s family, which ls one of the oldest Catholic Basque families In Spain. Only a few friends were present. Natacha Rambova is the adopted daughter of Mr. Richard Hudnut, the millionaire perfumer. She went through two ceremonies of marriage with Valentino. Valentino’s first wife was Jean Acker, There was a divorce In 1922. Before the time required by Californian law for divorced persons to re-marry had elapsed Valentino and Miss Rambova were married. They said that they were “so madly in love with each other that they would not wait.’ As the divorce had not by that time become operative the couple remarried in March 1923. Since the death of Valentino Miss Rambova’ had claimed that she has received spirit messages from him through a medium. “The messages I have received from Ruddy,” she once said, “are wonderful. He has given the most Interesting details of his life over there. He tells me that he is extremely happy.” Miss Rambova also claimed that Valentino had explained his will in which he left her one dollar and about £100,000 to her aunt, his brother, am his sister. “I quite understand,” she said. Natacha Rambova obtained : decree of divorce in Paris against Valentino.

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