Rudolph Valentino wins Recognition

Dear Editor,

I have been of reader of your magazine for a number of years, and have found everything that is contained of great interest, as well as a help to movie fans. I have been a fan of Rudolph Valentino and the paragraphs below will tell you why:

I first had the opportunity to see Mr. Valentino in “Passions Playground” for that picture, he had a very small part, but he played it very well. I also had the pleasure of seeing him in one or two more pictures since
then and he then seemed to me as being a very capable actor. I heard he was going to star in the screen version of “The Four Horsemen” I was very happy indeed. He will make a great success as Julio the leading character in the movie. I now understand he is playing Armand to Mme. Nazimova in Camille, and I know that he will be taking his place on the center stage among other leading men in silent drama. I hope he will have a good many more admirers in the future.

Sincerely yours,
Lillian Crozier, 208 W.148th Street, NYC

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