Aug 1926 – Questions Rudolph Valentino has answered while in the Hospital

Q.-What feelings have been inspired by the hundreds of telegrams, letters, and phone calls that have reached you, not only from friends, but from girls and young women you have never met?
A.- I feel grateful, so grateful, and feel my inability to reply all the kindness extended to me. They have helped me mentally to overcome my sickness.

Q.-What was your mental reaction to serious illness? Were you afraid of death?
A.-All I wanted was relief-anything to get rid of the terrible pain. Death would have been better than to have stood it longer.

Q.-What was your favorite screen character among the parts you played? Did you visualize any of them in your illness?
A.-The part I like best was my role in Blood and Sand. If I had died, I would have liked to be remembered as an actor by that role-I think it my greatest.

Q.-When you are able to eat full meals again, what do you want most?
A.-Food? Ugh! The thought of food is nauseating, obnoxious to me. Don’t mention it.

Q.-How are you going to pass the time when you go away to Maine to recuperate?
A.-I am going to do like the prize fighter-get in condition as soon as possible.

Q.-For whom was your first thought when you realized you were seriously ill?
A.-For my brother Alberto and my sister Maria-for them were my first thoughts.

Q.-Did the fact that your illness was prophesied by an unknown woman who called at your rooms here increase your interest in psychic phenomena?
A.-Perhaps. My interest in such matters has always been that of the average well-read person. I hope now to learn more about the subject one day.

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