1932 – Rudy still speaks to Natacha

This morning, I came down the hill from Rudolph Valentino’s home Falcon Lair where I had slept in his bedroom, reported to be haunted, I was consumed with an intense longing to meet Natacha Rambova, the woman for whom Valentino had built this crag perched nest. I had heard and read about her meetings with Rudolph Valentino’s spirit. I wanted to hear what she would say about them, I was not at all certain but that I had felt that same spirit during the memorable night in his bedroom. I have said I am neither a believer in the return of the spirit. I say now that were I to spend many hours with Natacha Rambova, I should be a believer. I spent several with her in NYC and I believe her to be as assured of her messages from her departed former husband as you and I are assured of what we have eaten for breakfast each morning. Her faith dates back to the time when Rudolph Valentino discovered he was psychic. Until then she had paid no more attention to the occult than the average man or woman who is spending every moment to develop a career and make a living. The insight into Valentino’s powers came shortly after the death of June Mathis mother. The four were constantly together and the three Natacha, Rudolph and June suffered together a the mothers departing. A woman who had been a longtime friend of Mrs. Jenny Mathis was at the funeral. This was the first time Mr. and Mrs Valentino met her. A few weeks later they received a letter from her. Natacha laughed as she recalled this letter. “It was a wild letter. the woman was afraid we would think her a fool. She said something like this ‘I was sitting down the other day starting to write when my pencil suddenly started to go backwards. It was really embarrasses me to write this to you but when I had finished my hand writing automatically I had to hold the paper before a mirror to read it. It was a message for Rudy.’ The message was from an Italian woman who had been his nurse when he was 8 or 9 years of age. It asked if he remembered certain childhood happenings such as rumbling from the porch backwards. All this time he was reading it, Rudy kept exclaiming my heavens. When he finished reading the letter he was frightened. There were things in that message which no one in this country, not even myself, could possibly have known. I don’t want to know anything about it. I don’t want to get into this sort of thing he kept exclaiming. But curiosity overcame that reluctant feeling which most people have in contemplating messages from departed spirits. Eventually Mr. and Mrs. Valentino sent for this woman to visit them. She would take plain yellow paper (yellow is the most psychic color) and a large soft lead pencil. Understand, she had never received messages until the first one for Rudy. We would sit around and talk at random. She would join in the conversation merely holding the pencil. When the writings began she kept right on talking. She made absolutely no effort with the pencil. The first communication was from Jenny Mathis and it was advice for Rudy. As amazed as we were, we could not help but believe it. Throughout the litigation with Famous Pictures we were told four and five days ahead of time what was going to happen. It was as though we were given a warning. And if we, had only followed the advice given by the automatic writings we would have been saved much trouble. But we didn’t pay too much attention to the advice. We had seen too many people go crazy about this sort of thing we were determined to keep our common sense with it all. Then Rudy discovered that he could receive messages through the pencil. I never could. I am not mediumistic. Of course there were other happenings which proved that Rudy was psychic. His handling of animals was nothing short of remarkable. One time we had a pet lion. We took it as a very young cub and it grew as devoted to Rudy as any dog could possibly be. When it was four months old it discovered a way to unlatch the windows and slip out for an outing. The Hollywood neighbors didn’t seem to appreciate these wanderings, so we were forced to send it to the zoo. Some months later we were leaving for San Francisco and went to the zoo to say goodbye. The keeper warned us to keep away from our pet as he had turned
vicious and would not recognize us. We stopped to the cage and were met with a snarl and a growl. We went on to inspect other cages. Suddenly, I missed Rudy. I turned back to the lion’s cage. Sitting on the inside, on the floor, was my former husband. Crouched across from him was the lion. Would he spring? I stood rooted to the spot. There were several moments of suspense then the lion crawled over and placed his shaggy head in the man’s lap Rudy had conquered. Naturally there were other examples of Rudy’s ability to communicate with those on the astral plane. Jenny always told him she would be the first one to greet him when he passed from this place of existence. People wondered why Rudy called ‘Jenny’ when he was so desperately ill at the hospital. They hunted for an unknown girl. He was calling to Jenny Mathis with whom he was in constant communication. He had seen her. And he knew, during those dreadful hours of his illness, that since he had actually seen Jenny, he himself was really departing. I was in Paris. By the time, of Rudy’s death I had become seriously interested in the occult and had taken it up as a study just as you investigate any science. To me it is no more unusual for people on this plane to talk with those on the next plane. Just so you must have, unless you yourself are psychic a medium through which you can listen to those who are on the astral plane. There is nothing weird, uncanny or religious about it. It is just as much a science as the radio or telephone or aeroplane. Only in communicating with those who have passed on, you require a person as a medium. There are few really developed mediums in existence. I realized that there are many people who use what they call occult powers unscrupulously to misguide gullible people. Because there have been so many fakes, people are accustomed to pooh-pooh the idea without investigation. A medium must be a vacuum. He or she must have the power to allow the conscious call to pass from the body. He must become as negative as possible. He must be the paper upon which a thing is printed, never the one who does the printing. George Wehner of Detroit is such a man. He is the most negative of any medium I have known. He chanced to be in France when Rudy was dying. We knew everything that was happening in New York two and three days before it happened. Before he died, Rudy talked with us he was under an antistatic He was terribly depressed. He had seen Jenny and knew he was going to die. He did not to die the answers were incoherent. A few days before he actually passed on George Ullman sent a cable saying Rudy was better. A message from Mesolope an old Egyptian who used to communicate with Rudy through automatic writings reversed the decision of the doctors in New York City. We had hoped that Mesolope was wrong that there had been a mistake in the communication. This was on a Friday. Monday Morning, I awoke to find the atmosphere of my room heavy with tuberoses. Then I knew
Rudy had passed on. When the delayed cable gram arrived, I was glad Mesolope warned us. His message from beyond that Rudy was coming to them somewhat softened the cruelty of the news for us. Rudy began communicating with us at once. At first he was wretched at sea in his new life. He hadn’t wanted to
die. His own writings will some you something of his attitude. For convenience Miss Rambova read the early message from Rudolph Valentino to me from her book “Rudy” printed in Great Britain. She has, however, all of the original copies as sent by Valentino through the medium and taken down by her as delivered. We
give only a few of the number she gave to us.” “There are so many things to learn it is pretty confusing at times I have to let go, it seems of the old way of looking at things. Is the earth world, I or we, I think I had better say, looking only at the outward appearance of things and events. But here, we
are the outside of the world and the inside as well. It is strange but since I am in this new plane of life I do not feel hurried or rushed anymore. So much love I have never seen before. Everyone seems to beam with it. Caruso whom as you remember I always admired so, comes to see me frequently. I am not sure
whether he comes to me or I go to him. He does not look just as he used to either. He looks more as his music sounded, if you can imagine what I mean. You see, there does not seem to be the right kind of words to tell these things with understanding. Because I knew something about life after death before I came over, it has not taken me long to find myself. That is, to acclimate myself to these new conditions. My automatic writings which you enjoyed so much Natacha taught me a great deal. We did not pay attention to them as we should. It was so easy just to find them interesting. It is difficult to put real help and advice into our daily lives, isn’t it? I have seen many lovely houses over here. The houses are built by spirits who have learned how to mould this thought force. It is all done by the thought process. These are numerous other messages dealing directly with his experience on the astral plane. He has foretold her of coming inventions. The most recent is a sled-shaped affair upon which we will sit pull a lever and fly through the air via radio control. People often ask Miss Rambova how she knows so certainly that it is Rudolph Valentino talking to her? She answered ‘But if your husband called you on the telephone would you not recognize his voice’? In his enthusiasm he often misused certain English expressions. He uses the same semi-Italian semi-American phrases in talking now. Naturally, we could write a book on this subject. She talked to us for more than 2 hours as unaffectedly as though she were discussing the Presidential elections. We may believe or scoff, but we could not but believe that she was sincere. “And do you think that Rudolph Valentino stalks at Falcon Lair?” We had waited until the end to put that question forth. Miss Rambova replied he returns there of course. It was his home. It was only natural that he should come back, is it not? As for the dogs naturally they could see what you could not. Animals have more psychic than persona.

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