25 Aug 76 Lillian Gish on Valentino

Rudolph Valentino died of humiliation, Lillian Gish said decisively. “He had been educated to be a landscape architect, you know, and he died because he was so humiliated at what he’d become. Miss Gish perhaps the grandest lady of the motion picture industry, a celebrated veteran who began her screen career in 1912 at Biograph, was wrestling in appropriate surroundings, an elegant room in an elegant Los Angeles mansion where a movie for television was on location. ” Mr. Valentino was such a gentleman” said Miss Gish and he cooked marvelous spaghetti. “My sister Dorothy discovered him. She saw him dancing and wanted to use him in her next film ‘Scarlet Days’ but Mr. Griffith said he would never do, because he was too foreign looking. However, Dorothy was making some comedies at Paramount, and she used Mr. Valentino in one of those. “If Mr. Valentino had lived, I think he would have become a major star in talking pictures because his voice had a marvelous timbre”..


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