1 Jan 1950 – Valentino Is Picked As Lover of Century

The greatest lover of the 20th Century was Rudolph Valentino. Valentino’s dark uncertain charm wasn’t based on the choice of women alone but on the  vote of men themselves. He brought something alive out of the deep forest of sex they didn’t understand. Even today, years after his death, the black haired Valentino is the wolf that most American men would most hate to have to compete with if he were still alive. Remember him, in “The Sheik” to thousands of women Rudy was more than Boulder Dam to make the desert blossom – the desert of emotion in their heart. And after Valentino who was the most devastating male between 1906 and 1950? Francis X. Bushman. But Rudolph Valentino is still the landmark of romance in our Century, for all the fact that if he were alive today he and Ezio Pinza would look like two sophomores. Why is this is true is hard for hard headed and bald heading men to figure out. But there he is, after all these years, the glamorous apostle of cupid even in his grave Rudolph Valentino.  You say his name now and most men laugh. And some women weep. He stood for something they yearned for romance unattainable. And in death they miss him for something they want and haven’t found.

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