14 May 1976 Makeup Artist Keeps Dynasty Alive

Dynasties don’t last very long in Hollywood. The House of Westmore lasted longer than most 58 years of makeup wizardry and one remnant remains. He is Frank Westmore still practicing the family trade. Frank remembered when George and sons Mont, Pere, Ern and Wally branched out to all categories of film beauty male and female. Mont provided Rudolph Valentino with his famous latin look. First washing the actor’s hair and slicking it down with Vaseline. Frank remembers his brother modified the heavy penciling of Rudy’s eyebrows by plucking them and reshaping them to an arch over his heavy eyelids thereby making his eyes look larger. He lightly shadowed Rudy’s jawline giving it a more defined ascetic look. Mont reduced the heavy eye makeup, lightened the lip color, and added Vaseline to make the lips shine. Result instant sex symbol.

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