8 Mar 1925 – Where Rudolph was when the lights went out

While on the subject of temperaments have you heard the news of Rudolph Valentino’s tiff with Ritz-Carlton Pictures? Well it seems that Rudy was right in the midst of making “The Hooded Falcon” making it just as he jolly well pleased and under the supervision of his own hand-picked director, when J.D. Williams, president of Ritz-Carlton, thought he ought to have something to say regarding the expenditure of something like $500,000 of his own hard cash. First of all he requested that Mrs. Valentino hie herself to the sidelines and confiner her helpful operations to merely looking on and keeping quiet. When Mr. Williams took exception to Rudy’s choice of Alan Hale as the director he declared that Mr. Hale was not experienced enough to look after the destinies of a film which was estimated to cost it producers half a million dollars. So the Valentinos walked off the set in a huff. According to the latest reports they are passing the time in luxurious
idleness at Palm Springs. They are not going back to Hollywood until some spirit greater and more omnipotent than J.D. Williams moves them. In the meantime, Adolph Zukor and Famous Players Lasky who have contracted for hte release of Valentin’s pictures, are pacing the rugs in their majogany paneled executive chambers, wondering if ever there had been a spoiled child more incorrible than this boy Rudolph.
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