8 Nov 1925 – Pola Entertains

Pola Negri entertained in honor of Michael Arlen with a dinner dance at the Biltmore. As predicted this was the very beginning of emerald no to say very verdant social affairs in Cinema land, where charming people have gathered the past week and worn “green hats”. Miss Negri’s affair was distinguished and comme il faut as those of this delightful hostess always are. The Arlenesque motif was emphasized more than in the green hats in which green ice cream was served. In a gown of pale green duchess satin trimmed with rhinestones and black velvet wearing emeralds and diamonds as adorning jewels, the hostess received thirty guests in an embowered suite, the prevailing flowers being bronze and yellow chrysanthemums arranged with a profusion of maidenhair fern to give again the green motif. Training the cloth of the long table were thirty yards of ribbon made from saucy-faced pansies pale yellow roses and maidenhair. Green candles marked the table at intervals in jade and alabaster candlesticks. Dining and dancing were the order of the evening and among those who participated in the festivity in addition to the hosts and honor guest was Rudolph Valentino, Mr & Mrs. Charles Eyton, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Elliot, Mr & Mrs. Manuel Reachi, Mr. & Mrs. St Clair, MAJ Fullerton Weaver, Sid Grauman, M. Cimini, Mme Cimini, Ralph Block. Following the day of Miss Negri’s party, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borzage were host and hostess at the usual Sunday morning bridle-path party. But this time the affair was in honor of the lion of Cinemaland, whose roar is assiduously sought. At least, until another lion comes this way. After a long cantor through Griffith Park bridle paths an outdoor buffet breakfast was served in the park. Glimpsed along the autumn paths in addition to Mr. Arlen and the hosts were Bebe Daniels, Mrs. Phyllis Daniels, Rudolph Valentino, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lloyd, Ben White, Marie Mosquini, Mrs. Joseph Sanders, Ed Kane, Mr. and Mrs., William Howard, William Collier, Irving Thalberg, Mrs. H.G. Rogers, Kathleen Clifford, M.P. Illich, Ray Owens. Following the return canter the entire party gathered at the Borzage home where they were joined by Julia Faye, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Butler, Roy Stewart, Mr. Borzage’s brother William who contributed to the incidental musical entertainment featured throughout the day. Luncheon was served buffet.

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