15 Nov 1925 Pola Negri Beauty Recipe

Pola Negri tells me her keeping young recipe includes an early to bed program, lots of fresh air imbibed in the pursuit of tennis, horseback riding and swimming. NO candy and no smoking. She does not smoke because she believes it will spoil the complexion and teeth. Bodily and facial massage twice a week is on her program. For the benefit of those correspondents who deluge Pola Negri with queries about where and how she had her plastic surgery done, she begs publicity be given the fact that her face never has been skinned, lifted or otherwise surgically treated. Her nose, too, has been carefully guarded from any surgical knife. Not all the Hollywood colony, would make such declamatory remarks about face lifting. One learns the work has become profitable here. One learns the names of the surgeons, but they won’t tell on their patients. If the patients confide to anyone it must be to their father confessors.

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