24 Dec – Our First Christmas

One thing we determined was we should have our first Christmas dinner and celebration together in our new home we recently purchased in Whitley Heights.  The little furniture I had at the bungalow on Sunset Boulevard was carted up the hill and I finally moved into the new abode two days before Christmas.  It was dreadful no hot water and no gas, but we were so excited to be in our own real home that nothing else mattered.  The only furniture in the living room was a Christmas tree and one chair. But was a good time we had decorating that tree.  It was the first either of us had for quite a few years.  There was also a bulgy stocking for each of us tacked on to the fireplace mantle. Wreathes were hung in all the windows and red bells and a Santa Claus made up for the lack of other furnishings. The Christmas dinner was cooked entirely on a little electric stove. But at that moment we thought it was the best we had ever eaten. At midnight, we were to open our presents. We lit the candles on  the tree and were just about to begin untying the packages when Rudy suddenly grabbed me by the army and dragged me upstairs.  I was pushed into my bedroom and told not to dare to move until he called me down.  Next, I heard him racing out of the house and down the hill. I couldn’t imagine what had happened.  After 10 long minutes he returned. The outside door banged and I heard him rush downstairs.  This was more than my curiosity could stand.  I opened the door and called down, asking if I might now descend.  No answer. Silence.  Then a tiny muffled bark and I too ran downstairs. The head of a Pekinese puppy with two little paws were just visible peering out over the top of my stocking. Rudy stood beside it was waiting in childish expectation to see my surprise . I screamed with delight. I had been longing for another peke, having lost my last one the year before.  We opened the rest of our packages, laughed cried and played with the puppy until the candles on the tree burned out. Rudy left and went to his apartment down the hill. Such was our first and happiest Christmas together in our first little home.  After the holidays preparations would begin for his next picture “Blood and Sand”.  But for this Christmas was one that I would remember with fondness and sadness.

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