1924 – The American Woman

When I am interviewed one of the questions,  I am almost always asked is about women. My opinions as to the modern woman, my ideas on beauty, my preferences in type, my comparative ideas as to the beauty of Italian women versus American women. I respond that comparisons regarding women are odious. How can one make comparisons? After all, beauty is to be found everywhere, and if one is more beautiful than another, it has little to do with a country and all to do with the individual.  However, I do feel the American girl leads the way in beauty, all things duly considered. I may, perhaps, be prejudiced because, I married an American girl. But I honestly do not think so.  Because America is the great melting pot, of beauty.  Or because the beauty of all countries and all races has filtered into America and has made the American woman a gorgeous composite of all other beauties. But I certainly have observed that American girls all have something of beauty. They may not be a classic type but almost everyone of them has a chic, a smartness, a knack of wearing clothes, some outstanding mark of loveliness that commends her to the eye.

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