Whatever Happened to Valentino’s Yacht

Rudolph Valentino enjoyed the finer things in life and one of them was sailing. Rudy was a member of the Catalina Island Yacht Club and decided to have a yacht build especially for him.  He commissioned Wilmington boat builder Fellows & Stewart to build it.  The yacht was 32 feet outfitted with rose-shaped lamps, mohair-velvet cushions with teak-and-holly- floors, sleeping 8 persons.  The Joe Fellows Boat Shop was established in 1896 by English immigrant Joe Fellows, his business manager, Victor Stewart, and the well-known naval architect Joseph Pugh. In 1917, the Terminal Island-based establishment at Pier 206 was incorporated as Fellows & Stewart, Inc. In 1926 when completed he named his boat the “Charade” that was also called “Phoenix”.  He only used the boat 3 times prior to his death.  In December 1926, Harvey Priester a well-known millionaire purchased the yacht for $2300. At that time the initial sale was revoked because 25 percent of the bid was not deposited. In 1930, his boat sold for $3000 cash in San Pedro Harbor. As of Apr 1970, Valentino’s boat was now owned by his former stand-in docked in Marina Del Rey.  In 1975, it was advertised for $28,000 but it is unknown who was the purchaser. In 1976, it was advertised again for $20,000.   In 1977, Valentino’s yacht was bought by banker Tom Gray and in 1981 he was selling for $47,000. Since that time, there has been nothing found as to whatever happened to his yacht. Remains a mystery…

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