1 Feb 1923 – Long Distance Telephone Interview with Rudolph Valentino

“Hello Central, give me Long Distance please”. “Long distance”? this is Miss Josephine Stewart editor of the Marion Times-Standard. I want to put in a call for Mr. Rudolph Valentino, Hollywood, California. Yes, Central Rudolph Valentino, you will call him thank you. Thus, began a long-distance telephone interview with Rudolph Valentino at Hollywood Studios. Wires started bussing and thirty minutes later listeners-in heard the following conversation with filmdom’s matinee idol and hear of Paramount’s sensational film Blood and Sand. “Hello, Miss Stewart, ready with Hollywood, California. Valentino’s on the wire “Hello Mr. Valentino”? “This is Rudolph Valentino speaking”. “Mr. Valentino, this is Miss Stewart, dramatic editor of The Marion Times-Standard. I just wanted to ask you a few questions about your film work”. “Alright, I’ll be glad to answer them if I can”. “Well, I’ll be brief and to the point. Pardon me if I am a bit hurried”. “Certainly, go ahead”.

“What is your favorite picture, Mr. Valentino”? I think Blood and Sand, my latest release, is the best, at any rate I enjoyed making it most”. What about “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”? “Well that was a wonderful picture, but I didn’t have the opportunity for dramatic expression as in Blood and Sand”. “Who adapted Blood and Sand to the movie screen”? “Miss June Mathis, and she has handled Ibanez’s story in a remarkably clever manner”. “And who directed. Ro—pardon me, Mr. Valentino most called you Rudolph/ You see I’ve seen you so many times on the screen, I really feel like I know you”. Perfectly agreeable, I’m sure. In fact, I’d a little rather be Rudolph. You were asking who directed? Fred Niblo the man who made the Three Musketeers”. “Isn’t Lila Lee in the cast”? “Yes, and Nita Naldi, too and Miss Naldi’s work can’t be praised too highly. It’s really an inspiration to work with her”. “Do you actually engage in a bull-fight, Mr. Valentino”? “Yes, several times and frankly I’m glad that’s over. When I first went into the arena well, anyway, I won’t forget it soon. Talk about throwing the bull, that bull nearly threw me when we were making the first shots”. “You seem to fit in so well for Spanish parts. Do you like them”? “Sure, I enjoy the Spanish roles. The Spanish atmosphere somehow seems to inspire one to better acting.” “Do you think Blood and Sand will meet the same national success that The Sheik did?” “Well, I can’t say, but the critics that have reviewed the movie have been more than kind. In fact, some of them have grown enthusiastic over the film, and you know how hard-boiled they are. It broke all attendance records at Los Angeles, and Los Angeles fans are rather critical, we feel that this may be taken as a criterion.” “Is Walter Long in the picture?” “I should say he is. And say, he has an exceptionally strong part and does it wonderfully.” “I’ve had several people ask me if you were not once a dancer?” “Oh yes, for quite a while. That’s how I got my chance in The Four Horsemen.” “And how about a love story. Is there one in Blood and Sand?” “A beautiful one. It’s of the exotic Spanish type and there are situations in that will leave you breathless with excitement. By the way, when is Marion showing the picture?” “Friday and Saturday of this week at the Bonita and the whole town seems interested. We are all anxious to see it.” “Pardon me, but your time is up.” “Good bye Miss Stewart and regards to Marion.” “All right, Central. Goodbye Mr. Valentino.”

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