1 Nov 1931 – Radio Queen fired from first job by father when she phoned Rudolph Valentino

When Harriet Lee blonde, statuesque beauty of the Columbia Network, was crowned “Miss Radio of 1931” and queen of New York Radio-electrical world’s fair she suddenly became one of the radio’s most interviewed personalities. One of the best stories she can
recall from her not so extensive past concerns the time she was fired from her first job. Oddly enough it was her father who fired her. The whole thing was brought about by her girlish hero worship which is amusing when you consider that just a few weeks ago thousands Of people daily emitted “oohs” and “aahs” and gazed reverently at the fair Harriet when they passed her booth at the radio show.  Harriet’s hero worship was lavished on Rudolph Valentino.  At the time she was working at her first job telephone switchboard operator.  In her father’s Chicago automobile salon. Thinking how fun it would be to talk to Valentino she called his Hollywood home one afternoon, even going so far as to reverse the charges.  A servant answered, told her that Mr. Valentino was on movie location, and assured her that if the call Was important he would see that Mr. Valentino would telephone her upon his return.  “Its very important” she said. Nothing happened until she arrived at home that night when she found her mother in tears. When the return call was not answered at her office, the local operator had found Harriet’s home number and called there. Mrs. Lee answered the call, and hearing that it was California on the line thought at once that something was wrong with Harriet’s grandmother. She had just heard Valentino say “Hello” who is this when, for some reason, she was cut off. Until the young Hero worshipper explained it, her mother still thought something was wrong in the California branch of the family. Mr. Lee decided that it was all too much monkey business so Harriet was fired with honors.

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