1920’s – Mitchells Dance Club, Paris France



If one was rich, handsome, famous and traveling to Paris where would one go? Well the only area to see and be seen was Montmartre in Paris. Montmartre where no one gets up before seven or eight in the evening and nothing starts before midnight. This section of the city was a culture haven a crowd of artists, writers and musicians. Also, was steaming with nightlife and the common denominator was good jazz music, pretty girls, and great booze. One place was a favorite place of the rich and famous the Casino de Paris. This club would set the mold for Jazz performances in a decant scene of mingling. The first so-called “jazz” in Paris was Louis Mitchell’s Jazz Kings at Casino de Paris. A decent if antic drummer, Mitchell’s syncopated rhythms were the main attraction. A huge financial success, his salary of 7,000 francs per week was about 10 times that of a member of cabinet. But this was not enough so Louis Mitchell opened his own cabaret where famous musicians from America would frequently play a gathering for ex-pats from America. Mitchells was a favorite place of Rudolph Valentino who often came to participate in Charleston Contests or simply listen to Jazz. During visits to one of his favorite cities here he could relax and enjoy the finest of what life could offer. He befriended many of different cultures and backgrounds. To him it did not matter because life was to live and enjoy.

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