2 Dec 1926- Valentino is Still Making Films

Natacha Rambova declares that she is having spirit talks with her former husband, Rudolph Valentino. In the first place, she claims that he gave her his impressions of His own funeral, saying he disliked intensely the public’s lack of reverence. ‘It looked to much as though they were out to see a ‘show the screen star complained. Valentino also told her that he is quickly making -friends on the ‘other side.’ His first astral friendship, he said, was with.’ Caruso; whom he said he found a most likeable fellow. Life on the astral plane would appear to be very much like that of the world Valentino has left. In any event according to Natacha Rambova their demand for moving pictures for she claims Valentino gave her details of resuming his screen career in the spiritual world. Valentino still loves no other woman in his life added Natacha.


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