21 Dec 1925 – Real Name

Paris Mrs Rudolph Valentino (Winifred Hudnut) has filed a petition for divorce against moving picture star whose real name is Rudolfo Guglielmi but Valentino today appeared to be unperturbed by the news that the proceedings had reached official form in Paris. He nonchalantly refused to reply to inquirers who had divined his identity, although he was cited under the name of Guglielmi. Valentino dined at a fashionable hotel tonight and after that left with friends to explore the diverting quarters of the capital. Valentino wife’s name was given in the petition of Winifred De Wolfe and was set forth that they were married in Crown Point, IN on 15 Mar 1923. The proceedings here will follow the usual simple and expeditious course when there is no opposition.

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