10 Dec 1937 – Famous Designer Concerned for her Niece in War Torn Spain

Award winning interior designer Elsie De Wolfe, in private Lady Mendl, is regarded by many as about the most famous elderly socialite in New York, Paris. London without a care in the world or so one would think.  These days, Lady Mendl is concerned for her equally famous niece fashion designer and the former Mrs. Valentino Winifred Hudnut.  On a social scale, the former Mrs. Valentino outranks her Aunt due to courtesy of her marriage to a Spanish count in Majorca.  Her husband is currently involved in the fighting and is away from the home front.  Winifred Hudnut is still living in Spain near the French border devoting her life to caring for destitute and wounded people.  Her aunt would like nothing better than to see her niece leave and return to safer shores. In the meantime, Winifred Hudnut is said to have grown quite plump and her hair has turned gray.  She is still vastly interested in spiritualism.

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