17 Aug 1909 – Local Actress Gaining Favor

Word has just reached Salt Lake that June Mathis, known to nearly all old residents for her wonderful ability as an amateur actress, has become leading woman for the Shuberts in the Eastern Production of “Going Some” the Paul Armstrong-Rex Beach play, which carried New York by storm during the close of last season.  Miss Mathis will be remembered for her trips through Salt Lake with Ezra Kendall in an number of plays, but especially for her pleasing work as Polly in “Brewsters Millions” in which, she starred for two seasons.  Miss Mathis is with company No 1 in “Going Some” and will not come West this year. Rehearsals have been finished, and the play will open in Atlantic City for a week, when it will go direct to Chicago for an indefinite booking.  Later, the company will visit the larger cities of the East.  The charming actress has been steadily climbing toward the top of her profession during the last few years and now, less than twenty-two years of age, she has reached a station acquired by but few women the stage no matter of how varied an experience. but in spite of her successes, Miss Mathis is still June Mathis, unassuming, jolly and charming.  Now that she has become the leading woman for the Shuberts, she will not be seen by her home people for a year or two, at the least, but many friends will wish her continued success. W.D. Mathis and Miss Laura Mathis of Salt Lake are the father and sister of the rising young actress, and are overjoyed at her latest triumph.

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