4 Mar 1930 – Rudy and Jean Acker Wed on Wild Impulse At a Giddy Party and Separate at the End of the Dance.

The legendary Rudy who fed on mash notes, the lounge lizard, the sheik, with only a gross sensory appeal was no more the real Valentino than black is white says Natacha Rambova. He was a great artist, she says, be he wasn’t given the credit for the real art he had. His unusual abilities were neglected to emphasize the grosser side. This forced him into a role he hated to play. He was not a great actor in the sense of Bernhardt or Booth were. Bernhardt studied a role until her brain dictated the emotions. Rudy absorbed his role emotionally and played it intuitively. Natacha Rambova met Rudy in a movie office in Hollywood she recalls. Rudy and I wanted to be married, but we couldn’t because of Jean Acker and she was making it difficult as possible for him to get his divorce. It was during the film of “The Sheik” that divorce proceedings were started and reached their peak of difficulties; so it was a trying time for us both. This early marriage took place shortly after Rudy came to Hollywood just as a lark at a party. From the first, it was a mistake but all Hollywood, of course was crazy mad. People act on impulse and have regrets later. Rudy and Jean Acker scarcely knew each other. They had met one evening at Pauline Fredericks planned a horseback ride together and during that ride became engaged. A few hours later Rudy sauntered into the Hollywood Hotel, where he chanced to meet May Allison and Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Garger. In the exuberance of a man in love he confessed to them he was going to be married. Mr. and Mrs. Garger were planning a party next evening as a farewell to Richard Rowland, President of Metro. As a sort of fillip to the event, they suggested he get a marriage license immediately and turn their party into a wedding. Rudy, impractical and careless agreed. After the ceremony and supper, they danced until 2:00 a.m. when the bride unceremoniously left him. Jean at that time, was working with Fatty Arbuckle in “The Round Up” and when the disillusioned bride groom sought her out on location the next morning he found she had skipped to Los Angeles. He followed her there only to be told she could never return to him. Rudy left at one for New York to make tests for “The Four Horsemen” and Jean asked for an annulment. They didn’t see each other again for four months. The success from this movie turned Rudy from a penniless nobody to a genuine movie star and Miss Acker changed her demands from annulment to divorce with alimony. Rudy fought this and asked for a divorce in the meantime. He continued to pay dearly for this mistake of his youth even after the divorce was granted. Jean Acker continued to use this to her financial advantage.  For example, she went on a vaudeville tour using the last name of Valentino. She started insisting people call her Mrs. Valentino. She was never a real wife but she certainly did what she could to look like she was the one that was wrong when in reality the injured party was Rudy.

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