Aug 1926 – A fond memory of Rudolph Valentino

Helen Smith, Des Moines was an ordinary girl that had an experience she will never forget. For the first time she traveled to New York City, on the same railroad as Rudolph Valentino in Aug 1926.  Her first introduction was when he first seen her, he replied with an Italian accent “little Irish girl, what is your name”?  She relied O’Shaughnessy.  With that he smiled and replied, ‘I like the name that was my former wife name before she was adopted by the Hudnuts”.   During our conversation “he spoke rather endearingly of his former wife. I’ll always believe he was in love with her”.   She recalls only once during the entire trip did, he eat on the diner and no once did he go to the observation car.  He hated the eyes of the staring public.  “When a curious crowd would look at him with much the same look that a little boy gazed in on a caged animal. Valentino would remark ‘in this work your soul is not your own, neither is your life”.

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