9 Mar 1937 – Rudolph Valentino Former Co-Star Clara Kimball Young

Twenty years ago, Clara Kimball Young had an annual income of $200,000, but the hand of ill fortune has swept away her wealth.  Miss Young began her career on the stage when she was three.  When pictures rose above the nickelodeon class, dramatic actresses were in demand and Miss Young rose to great heights in the higher type films. Her first picture “Cardinal Woolsey” made by Vitagraph in 1912, her Camille shocked the folk of yesteryear, but they sat up and took notice just the same. Her outstanding beauty, especially her magnificent dark eyes and her hands were the toast of the world.  She received as many as 10,000 fan letters in one day. Perhaps the fan letter fad is passing, for today no star receives as much mail as that.  Miss Young lives in Hollywood with her father, Edward Kimball, who is a favorite with the old-timers of the film colony. She has accepted the changes in her life philosophically.

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