14 Jul 1926 Muscle Admiring Brooklyn Girl Clashes with Boyfriend

Monday or Tuesday will prove whether Rudolph Valentino challenge to fight an editorial writer is bona fide or not.  “Rudy had wonderful muscles and I’ve seen him in pictures stripped to the waist, and you can’t fake a picture like that” said an indignant Brooklyn girl last night.  Men are jealous, that’s what’s the matter. I’d like to see a picture of the fellow who wrote that article. Most editors, I’ve seen are little and wizened and wear glasses.  I don’t think they are so very masculine as a bunch, by any means.  Rudy does wear allot of jewelry. He’s an Italian and gladiators wore rings and bracelets, you may remember.  Most American men would look ridiculous in a slave bracelet.  Rudy does not its suits his type.  He is almost oriental looking”.  But the man with the Brooklyn girl took decided issue.  Valentino’s muscles may look good to his women admirers but any trained athlete can see the fellow is soft.  He is a soft fop and the fellow who wrote the article is right. I think this challenge to fight is merely a publicity stunt.  I bet he never goes near the office of the Chicago Tribute when he gets to the city. Valentino’s second will be guess who? His press agent of course.
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