2 Apr 1965 – My Housekeeper Knew Someone who Knew Someone who Knew Valentino


My housekeeper is an expert on the Great Lovers, she used to work for a woman who was a close friend of Rudolph Valentino. “He was very quiet”, says my housekeeper. “He hardly had a thing to say. He used to take off his shoes the minute he came in the door and sit around all evening in his socks. He was absolutely nothing”. Naturally when word got out a few years ago, that the late Aly Khan was coming to dinner across the hall, she went straight to the neighbors cook “Rudolph Valentino was nothing, but I hear this one is the greatest. For goodness sake, just let me get a good look at him. The man she saw sitting at the Vasco Garans dinner party was no matinee idol. He was of medium height and almost on the plump side. He looked tired and middle aged, with a sallow skin and dark circles, and was losing his hairline. Again, he was absolutely nothing says my housekeeper”.

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