20 Jul 1951 – Valentino Film Libelous says Alice Terry

Alice Terry, former Silent Film blond beauty became the first woman in Rudolph Valentino’s life Thursday to announce he was no Romeo to her.  The ex-actress filed a $750,000 libel suit charing the recent movie “Valentino” pictures her having a clandestine love affair with the slick haired sheik.  But she says, when Rudy was her leading man back in the days of the flickers and quivering piano she never gave him a second thought. “Valentino? Why he was a good-looking man and a very nice fellow but that’s all” she shrugged. “I never had any interest in him”. He didnt look like a great lover at all, and it never occured to us that worked with him that he’d be known as that.  “No body thought about him in those days as a great lover.  In fact, it wasn’t until after he died that he got that reputation”.  Miss Terry was the star of Valentino’s first movie, “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” directed by her husband Rex Ingram.  Rex Ingram died last year.

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