1922-1929 – The friendship and love between Kabar and Rudolph Valentino


Each year, during the months of August and September, the Valentino community comes together mourning the life of Rudolph Valentino.  When Rudolph Valentino died everyone was grieving for him. While back at Falcon Lair, Rudolph Valentino’s personal home where all of his horses and dogs lived were daily waiting the return of their beloved owner and friend. Who gave any thought or consideration to the horses and dogs left behind. The answer to these questions is no one gave thought or consideration or reassurance of their feelings of grief or they would be okay and taken care of not to be sold but remain in a familiar place remembered where they were loved and treasured.   The animals mourned the loss but one felt that more than the rest Kabar a Doberman Pincher, Valentino’s favorite and constant companion.   Kabar was born in Alsace, France on 20 June 1922, given to Valentino during a trip to Europe. Kabar was only a few months old, when he was sent to the French estate of the Hudnut family to be specially trained there.  Over time, he was seen constantly at Valentino’s side to even sleeping in his chamber at night.  Natacha Rambova often accused Valentino of favoring Kabar and hating on her Pekinese dogs. Not so said Valentino”shes the one I hate”.  On 23 Aug 1926, when his best friend died Kabar instinctively knew something was wrong and started howling so loudly that all of the other pets picked up the signal and started howling as well and could not be appeased.  Beatrice Lillie was so frightened of what she was hearing that she ran her car off the mountain road and fainted when on her way home from a party nearby at John Gilbert’s house.  When Alberto Valentino arrived back at the estate the dog’s grief somewhat subsided but he was constantly sick since Valentino’s death.  On 3 Feb 1929, Kabar passed away from a broken heart.  Senator Vest of Missouri immortalized Kabar in one of his speeches. The death of Kabar, brought up the question what to do with his remains.  Because this was newsworthy he was the first famous pet to be buried in a pet cemetery.   Alberto Valentino buried Kabar with a marker that read “Kabar My Faithful Dog” Valentino. To this day, the Valentino community talks about the love and friendship between Kabar and his best friend.

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