24 Oct 1926 – Rudolph Valentino Protects his name

Peggy Scotts Suicide – When a verdict of “suicide while of a sound mine” was returned at the inquest on Peggy Scott, some women on behalf of friends of Rudolph Valentino pointed out to the court that is was impossible for Scott to have known Valentino who was not in Europe at the time. They alleged that it was only fair that this should be pointed out, because Valentino’s character was impugned. Some people thought nothing of discrediting film actors. The Coroner agreed.
A message of Oct 5 was as follows: A pathetic letter addressed to a girl friend by Peggy Scott, known as “the valentino girl” was read at the inquest on the latter. It read “I cannot continue anymore. It has been inevitable for a long time that I should finish things. Simply existing is heart-breaking, and living in the past, when one’s future is hopeless, has broken my heart. I am only a butter made for sunshine and happiness, and can’t stand the loneliness and shabbiness. With no one to care for me, and no babies to love, life is awful. Please preserve Rudolph’s pictures. He has helped me over lots of stiles. not only in 1922. Rudolph helped me to carry on, and I had some wonderful moments but when he died the last elastic snapped.”
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