25 Nov 1922 – Film Face Worth $26,000 a year

O.A. Atkinson, the London “Dully Express” cinema correspondent, writes: Variety of occupation in this spice of existence. there is a certain parallel between the career of the average screen actor and the Odyssses of the restless souls who in the great days of the militia desperately clutched the Queen’s shilling and “listed for a soldier”. It is given to few of us to follow in-turn such diverse professions an landscape gardener, waiter. tango dancer and film actor, hut this has been the destiny of Mr. Rudolph Valentino, the dashing young man who swanks his way to glory In “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” It is not easy to understand just how and why Rudolph acquired his considerable reputation as a screen lady-killer. He is a keen-looking young fellow who uses best-quality hair oil
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