31Oct 1939 – Marian Adored Valentino

“My girl Marian was nuts about Rudolph Valentino, judge” and as simple an
explanation, as that got Benjamin Platt, 29, slim and bespectacled, out of jail and
 earned him the promise of a wedding present.  Of course, Marian remained in a hospital under treatment for painful burns but otherwise, Benjamins explanation seemed to liquidate a jam which Marians admiration for the late film star got him into.  It began one night, when Benjamin and Marian went to a movie and saw portions of Valentino in a news reel.  Marian has a collection of souvenirs of Valentino.  “Benjamin” Marian sighed “I’d dearly love to own that film”. Thus spurred Benjamin into action. He pried his way into the theatre projection booth and confiscated the film.  He sped to his love, who awaited him in the basement of his home. There they trimmed the Valentino sequence and hurled the remainder of the coiling into the furnace. Flames leaped from the furnace door. The precious strip of film which portrayed the star of “The Sheik” went up in flames and Marian fell screaming. Marian was taken to the hospital and Benjamin was taken to jail. He earnestly told his story to Judge Gibson Gorman, in felony court.  When he finished the judge smiled and placed him on probation.  Up stepped the complainant, Thomas Murray, theater manager.  “For your wedding present, I will give you a copy of the Rudolph Valentino film. I hope it will bring you happiness.
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