31 Aug 1930 – Two Valentino’s

 When I first met Valentino I was amazed to find not the romantic hero, but just a boy, quite frank and sincere. Why, he is only a child! At first, I was disillusioned, but in another way I liked him the more.  There were two distinct Valentino’s – Rudy the artistand Rudy the man.  The one was swashbuckling cavalier who flashed across the screen into the hearts of millions. The other was a simple boy with a childish sensitiveness often mistaken for weakness by the un-discerning and the prejudiced. American men, particularly had no use for him. They looked down on him, criticized him, which hurt him for he was anxious to be liked; he wanted friendship and respect. Had they taken pains to know him, they would have given him both; but he couldn’t talk business, politics, or the stock exchange. He had no mentality for such things. They lay beyond his grasp because he had utterly no interest in them.
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