1923 – Our First Married Christmas By Rudolph Valentino


Finally, the Mineralava Dance Tour was over and we could settle down as a married couple.  Our new home is perfect and I can imagine many happy years ahead.  A home filled with light, love, laughter, pets and children. So, we take time to enjoy our first Christmas tree as a married couple.  The lights on our tree were the most beautiful too me. My beloved wife by my side, in our new home with hardly any furniture. But it didn’t matter we had weathered worse situations before.  I gave my wife a monkey and a pekinese. She was delighted like a child but it was the happiness in her eyes that made everything worthwhile.  I adore her and feel whole when we are together.  


This time of the year, brings one of reflexions and looking forward to the future.  We will continue to work together to achieve dreams and dream even bigger and better.  To all of my fans I would like to wish you all a joyous holiday.

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